How to Hack 8 Ball Pool with ease

Play pool game app by using 8 Ball Pool is very spots for you and we can make forget themselves that have been playing this game a day is more due to the features of this game are very numerous and interesting other than that the game can be played online along with your email and Facebook friends you already connected and connected on a game of 8 Ball Pool. But it would be very frustrating and boring for some people who experienced defeat continuously and does not have quite a lot of cash and coin to play this game. This makes some people figure out how to do the Hack 8 Ball Pool to get the victory and cash as well as a coin with a free and easy way would have been in the game of 8 Ball Pool Is already very much a fan and well known up to this point.

hack 8 ball pool

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How To Beat The Sparky Clash Royale

Sparky became one of the largest units with damage (or possibly the largest) in the Clash Royale. With only 2-3 times of the attacks, this unit is able to destroy the tower. All that, combined with such a Giant tanker, making the legendary unit this one being very annoying because it was considered too IMBA. But is it so? Does he really IMBA and cannot be defeated?

sparky clash royale
Before we discuss more about how to beat a Sparky, it’s good we see first statistics of the legendary units of this one:
If you guys would see the stats above, then you will realize that Sparky can only attack once every 5 seconds. Therefore, it is the most powerful way to overcome this super slow units is to stop its progression. get glitch clash royale for resource buildings


Zap will give you the advantage of a very great elixir! The easiest way to beat Sparky was using Zap. Why? Because Zap, which is worth 2 this elixir will be able to stop the units are legendary and forced her to get ready for 5 seconds before it can strike.

Zap + Mini Pekka
Another way to beat the Sparky is by using a combination of Zap and Mini Pekka. Mini Pekka was able to destroy the Sparky alone with the three o’clock. Well, if you combine with the Zap, then Mini Pekka will be able to do it with two times at any time.

As already mentioned before, the unit is usually combined with the legendary Giant. Well, to beat this combination with better yet, you can combine the Zap, Mini Pekka and also defensive building like Canon or the Inferno Tower.

Just like the Zap, the Freeze will also stop the movement of the units of this legendary and give you 5 seconds before she could attack.

Freeze + Valkyrie

Combination Freeze + Valkyrie is a combination that is suitable for defense in any condition
Freeze and Valkyrie is a combination of a very good defender and can be used in any situation. When you freeze the Sparky and your units, you can use Valkyrie to deal with all of them.


The same thing can also be done by using the Poison. This resulted in a damage spell cards that are the same as the fireball and slows the movement of every unit for as much as 20% — which will give you the time of 6 seconds before Sparky can strike!

Summoners War Online Hack Play and Tricks

Summoners war is one of the very exciting adventure game. Where this game has many advantages when compared to other fighting games. summoners war is very popular with graphic design, where the 3D view which is owned by the riveting monster bank very unique. The hosts game programmers who come from Korea this success attracted everyday Seat the gamers to play it. download Summoners war today

Summoners war online hack
Rune is a kind of armor or tools that can be used by monster to fight, rune also has a level of force so that it can be upgraded to a more optimal results. The following are some of the ways that can be done to improve the rune.Monster is one of the major components in this game, so most people concentrate to enhance the ability of the monster. Because it is basically the ability every vary depending the amount of mustard star. But did you know the capabilities of the monster would be dependent on Rune is used, although the same beast, but if used the right Rune will have the power of different monsters.

1. Auto Mode, auto mode is one type of runes that in this mode the fight will walking automatically so you don’t have to control strength while fighting. In this mode you can improve your chances of success when fighting at Cairos Dungeon by way of touch icons arrangement (shaped like a toothed wheel icon), and then click the Boss Battle, and then the order of attack, after it set the priority of the attack. Thus Your monsters will attack targets in the order priority.

2. other Runes, in the war there were several summoners other content that you can use, this content can be opened based on the area of the scenario which you have completed, as in the Arena can be unlocked after beating the boss Garen Forest Normal mode, at Cairon Dungeon can be unlocked after beating the boss Kabir Ruins Normal mode, and the Dimensional Rift open after defeating monsters Chiruka Remains Normal mode.

To ease You in doing the game on this one you can use the summoners war crystal hack, an application which can be accessed online. Summoners War this Hack can be used Online for free

Android Game Review: Cooking Mama

Android Game Review: Cooking Mama

Every girl must have been playing with the girls around their house. Most of the girls who are playing together are playing an act of being a housewives or a mother. Most of the girls are like to play with cooking activities. Some of them are buying the tools which are cool toys to play with their friends. The ingredients will be something they can get around them such as leaf, grass, or even water and the ground. They like to mimic their mother as they see their mother cook for them. Most of the girls are having fun with playing cooking. There is a game in the android which can make you remember your childhood memories, especially for the girls. Yes, it is cooking mama. The game that will guide you to cook any kind of recipes.

How To Cook In Cooking Mama

Cooking mama is made for the girls who are cannot cooking but want to try cooking at least at the game. What makes this game interesting is that the entire step in this game is the same with the actual step that people cook the recipes. As the examples, if you are going to make spaghetti. In cooking mama you will need to chop the ingredients such as onion, garlic, meat, and tomato.

You also need to boil water and cook the pasta until it is al dente which is cooked.

After rinsing the pasta with the water you need to fry the ingredients that you have chop before using oil and add tomato sauce so that it will make a spaghetti sauce. You just need to place the sauce in the top of the pasta you have cooked it before. The entire step is exactly the same with the step you are truly cooking spaghetti in the kitchen. This game is not only for having fun but also can be for a study to cook.

Android Game Review: Burger

Android Game Review: Burger

This is the best food game ever in the android game. The first burger-serving game that will be really making you crazy as the time goes by. In this game, you need to fulfill the customers want. You will serve their wanted burger with the sides of the burgers itself such as the soda, French fries that had some kind of like curly fries, mashed potato, and usual French fries; there are also some desserts like cookies or ice cream. In this game, you need to make your customer satisfied in other to get your money. To make them satisfied you have to work faster, serve their order faster and absolutely right.

How To Finish Burger Game

As the example, there is a woman who orders a hamburger without lettuce and just the bun and the meat. So you need to serve like what she wants, if you are adding any other ingredients into the burger, she will reject your burger and you have to replay to make the right burgers.

There is also a person who orders an only soda or only fries, you should give the as fast as you can because mostly those customers are not patiently waiting if the customers upset, they will leave your restaurant and you will not get any money.

In this game, you need to earn some money to upgrade the machine so that you can work faster. The ingredients also added more and more as the stages you are completed in. The more you have finished the stages, the more ingredients you get, the more ingredients you get, that means you will have a hard and difficult time to move faster because you need to be really careful so that you are not making any mistakes. The customers should be served faster and suited with their orders.