Arts and Crafts Lighting Style

Before finding out about the Arts and Crafts movement, I had always thought that Arts and Crafts lighting fixtures were those used to create arts and crafts. Looking back, I realize what a silly mistake I made! However, there are many homeowners who still believe the misconception that I once held. This article offers an in-depth explanation of the arts and crafts movement, and what arts and crafts lighting entails. When the industrial revolution was in full swing in the 18th a 19th century, a growing movement emerged. It was a reaction of sorts to the reliance of mass production and the Victorian style of decoration that involved heavy ornamentation on everything, including indoor lighting. This reaction was later dubbed the arts and crafts movement. The Arts and Crafts movement sought to simplify overbearing designs. Strong emphasis was placed upon light fixtures that had simple, easy shapes. Popular styles of ceiling lighting included those with exposed joinery, spare ornamentation, and bold, strong lines. Another trend that emerged was to make lighting pendants and other fixtures look as natural as possible. To accomplish this, neutral colors were mostly used. Burnished brown was another popular color choice, as this most aptly represented the woods in the forest. (more…)

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To illuminate a room, the lighting must meet different activities coupled with a decorative function. The show must offer a particularly elegant lighting. The ideal is a light with multiple levels: a general diffuse light and accent light for different activities. Contrary to popular belief, a central light point is not essential. Floor lamps, sconces are your best allies in the lounge to inform pole peripheral activities at the sofa, a library, a secretary and create a friendly atmosphere. General lighting of the lounge is the area par excellence for compact fluorescent lamps. LED lamps allow you to create an atmosphere for precise lighting. The Board Laurie: Change! To create a pleasant depending on your activities and times of day atmosphere, allow 5 – 10 separate sources to illuminate different areas.

How To Light A Corner TV?

Watching TV in the dark on the eyes because of the strong contrast between the brightness of the screen and the surrounding darkness. Feel free to place a lamp or lamp low power side or even behind the TV so as not to create annoying shadows. Alternatively, place lights behind the viewer, the scattered light and lessen the contrast. You can also install an adjustable spotlight, recessed, clipped or glued, slightly offset so that the light comes in through to the TV. Also, do not place too bright lighting watching TV, then reflect in the screen and impede visibility. If you want to brighten the coffee table, choose the recessed spotlights not to create visual barrier. Visible light off even as suspensions might hamper your vision and hinder you to watch TV. But attention to the orientation of the beam spot and their power: LEDs are very dazzling. (more…)

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Removing Carpet Stains

Keeping your home carpet clean can be a challenge for anyone. With all the traffic it sees, it's no wonder that people are often looking for cheap and effective ways to clean it properly and remove stains. There are dozens of products on the market that promise to clean and deodorize your carpet for a price. But there are many common household items you can use to achieve the same level of cleanliness as expensive commercial products. The methods and cleaning solutions devised have stood the test of time and are still as effective on today's carpets as they were then.

1.Use Powdered Laundry Detergent

Powdered laundry detergent can be used for more than just getting your clothes clean. Dilute it with some water and pour it into a spray bottle. This solution can be sprayed directly onto most stains and left to sit for a moment and then blotted until the stain is removed. Don't scrub at the stain when using this or any other method as the scrubbing can force the stain sunk into the carpet fibers making the stain more stubborn and harder to remove.

2. Use Club Soda

When you are dealing with stains from beverages such as coffee, tea and even red wine, club soda comes to the rescue. Pour club soda straight onto the stain and watch as the soda bubbles and lifts the stains. Blot with a clean towel and repeat if necessary. If the stain is from urine mix vinegar and water and sprays directly onto the area. Again, blot and repeat as needed. The vinegar works not only to remove the stain but also to remove the odor. (more…)

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Patio Furniture

In the present century, the patio is perceived as an expansion of the living space and is increasingly getting used as an area where people exhibit their creative potential. Unleash your creative imagination with aluminum dining furniture sets, chaise lounges, igloo-shaped daybeds and many other patio furniture items. Just ensure that the furniture harmonizes with the theme of your patio. The following are crucial tips you must consider before selecting patio furniture:


This is important for almost any investment and outdoor furnishing will definitely be one. You can opt for the inexpensive or discounted product range from a reputed shop. However, take care not to compromise on quality. To make certain quality, choose an online furniture alternatives provider who genuinely offers good products at low rates.

Measure the space

This is important because chairs surrounding a bench can take up an additional 24-inch space. You need to ensure that there is an extra 24-36 inches space behind the chair to facilitate movement. Ahead of purchasing furniture items, be very clear about the measurements. Use a part of chalk to pull the dimensions. If the outdoor space is too small, and you can purchase a bar stand and stool set rather than its full-sized counterpart. (more…)

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