Arts and Crafts Style Home Lighting

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The Arts and Crafts  home lighting style is a wonderful way to bring the inspiration of nature to your home decor. Lasting from the late nineteenth century to the early twentieth century, this style is known for its exploration of Medieval, Oriental, and Gothic themes, combining them with either a playful or sober approach. Most of the furniture from the Arts and Crafts movement is handmade with carvings and inlays of natural and muted tones. Accessories were made of ceramics, pewter, copper, or iron.

To decorate in this style, you must first plan your color palette. Natural colors taken from the Middle Ages are earthy and warm. Rich pastels add accent to colors like ivory or cream, while heavy blacks create depth. Wallpaper with Oriental or Gothic motifs are ideal, as Arts and Crafts decor uses heavy repetition in design. Dark hardwood floors are perfect for the living and dining rooms, while a pale stone heightens the effect of entrance halls.

How does this translate into a lighting scheme? The Arts and Crafts movement was founded on a philosophy of character and craftsmanship. Whether sporting clean lines and pleasing proportions or a hammered texture, Arts and Crafts lighting fixtures are down-to-earth and unique. Take Tiffany Lighting as the example par excellence, and move onto designers such as William Morris and Gustav Stickley. They believe that natural lighting is the best light to live by, so look for fixtures that can fill dark hallways or accent bright, open spaces. Tabletop lamps and lighting sconces are perfect complements to natural light, while bringing sufficient illumination by night.

If you already have Arts and Crafts-themed home decor, you can enhance this with specific indoor lighting and outdoor lighting fixtures designed to match your home. Frank Lloyd Wright begat the Prairie style, and it is from this traditional built-ins were given a sophisticated edge. His homes were custom built for each client, and included everything from doorknobs and bells to the gardens and lighting fixtures. Check your local listings for custom handmade lighting stores to get your hands on an exquisitely wrought lighting pendant or ceiling light. Many antique shops also feature excellent specimens of tabletop or wall sconce lighting, an easy and less expensive source.

Whether a newcomer or an old hand to interior decor, it is easy to see that the Arts and Crafts style has a unique flavor. Part of this appeal is in the naturally inspired forms, while some of it lies in the history and soft design effect. Decidedly sophisticated and yet surprisingly playful, the Arts and Crafts style of home lighting results in true works of art.

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