What Kind Of Lighting For The Living Room?

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To illuminate a room, the lighting must meet different activities coupled with a decorative function. The show must offer a particularly elegant lighting. The ideal is a light with multiple levels: a general diffuse light and accent light for different activities. Contrary to popular belief, a central light point is not essential. Floor lamps, sconces are your best allies in the lounge to inform pole peripheral activities at the sofa, a library, a secretary and create a friendly atmosphere.

General lighting of the lounge is the area par excellence for compact fluorescent lamps. LED lamps allow you to create an atmosphere for precise lighting. The Board Laurie: Change! To create a pleasant depending on your activities and times of day atmosphere, allow 5 – 10 separate sources to illuminate different areas.

How To Light A Corner TV?

Watching TV in the dark on the eyes because of the strong contrast between the brightness of the screen and the surrounding darkness. Feel free to place a lamp or lamp low power side or even behind the TV so as not to create annoying shadows. Alternatively, place lights behind the viewer, the scattered light and lessen the contrast. You can also install an adjustable spotlight, recessed, clipped or glued, slightly offset so that the light comes in through to the TV.

Also, do not place too bright lighting watching TV, then reflect in the screen and impede visibility. If you want to brighten the coffee table, choose the recessed spotlights not to create visual barrier. Visible light off even as suspensions might hamper your vision and hinder you to watch TV. But attention to the orientation of the beam spot and their power: LEDs are very dazzling.

What Lighting For Dining Room ?

For dining, general lighting is recommended to illuminate the entire room without creating shadows. Unlike the living room, central lighting is needed in this room. If you want to install your general lighting above the table to eat, the ideal luminaire is suspended or luster. However, it must be neither too high nor too low. Use compact fluorescent bulbs or low energy with a temperature warm enough color halogen lamp. The presence of a drive is also a real asset to change the atmosphere and the light intensity during the dinners.

Do not focus all the light on the table in the dining room, do not hesitate to have the lights with indirect lighting such as sconces along the walls or table lamps in the corners of the room to highlight entire volume.

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