Brighten Up Your Home with Outdoor Ceiling Lights

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One great way to add some extra ambiance and functional lighting to your home is to install outdoor ceiling lights.  An exterior ceiling light can be installed anywhere there is an overhang, but they are most commonly installed outside entrance ways and in covered porches.  On top of this, there are also two types of ceiling light fixtures, flush and hanging.  Both have their pros and cons.

Quite simply, ceiling light fixtures are outside garden lights that are installed in a ceiling.  That ceiling can be anything, from the eves of your home to a covered porch or carport.  They provide many different uses.  You can use them for functional light to light up an area that needs task lighting, such as a barbecue area.  They work great for this because they don’t take up much space and shine the light directly where you need it.  Be careful when you’re installing them to pick the right place however.  You don’t want to put them directly over an area you might be leaning over because your body will cast a shadow on whatever you’re doing.  They can also be attached to a motion sensor to provide security light around your home, allowing you to see when people are coming or just find your keys in the dark.  Finally, ceiling lights can even provide ambient lighting by being part of an overall outdoor landscape lighting plan.

The two best places in your home for installing exterior ceiling lights are above your front door and in any covered porches or carports you may have.  Outside your front door, you can use these light fixtures to make your home seem more welcoming and even direct people to where your door is, particularly useful if your door is hidden of you have more than one door.  Connected to a motion detector, these lights can help also help you find your keys as you approach your door late at night, so that you don’t have to fumble around for them, and also see who is at your door before you open it.

Installed on covered porches or carports, ceiling lights can provide much needed task lighting as well.  Try installing them over areas where people will be congregating or where you know you need extra light, such as over a table or barbeque grill.  While you might run into problems with your body casting a shadow if you lean over too far, they don’t take up any room, which is really useful for areas that don’t have much floor space.

When you’re choosing your ceiling lights, you’ll have two basic options, flush and hanging.  Flush lights are great for places with low overhangs, or just if you have a tall family.  They are mounted flush with the ceiling so you won’t have to duck all the time and they generally cast their light straight down.  Hanging lights hang down from the ceiling and they are best used when you want to give an area a more distinct, authentic feel.  They can contribute more to the ambience of an area, but if they’re not placed up high enough can just result in a lot of bumps to the head.

Regardless of what type of light fixture you decide to go with, make sure that you use the right type of light bulb.  For outdoor lights, you can usually use either a yellow or white-tinged light.  Depending on the other garden lights that you’re using or the type of paint that your house has, one type of bulb will cast off better light than the other.

Outdoor ceiling lights are a simple, great way to provide some functional lighting to your home’s entryways and covered porches or patios.  They provide light exactly where you need it without taking up any needed floor space.  There’s numerous options out there that come in all sorts of shapes and styles to fit any garden lighting plan, so you can install them and make use of them today.


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