Outdoor Walkway Lighting Design Tips

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One way to make your home safer while also increasing its aesthetic appeal is to install outdoor walkway lighting.  Installing outdoor walkway lighting is relatively easy to do and the options available for outdoor walkway lights can suit any style of home and come in virtually any type of lighting source.

If you’re looking to buy outdoor walkway lighting and are unsure of what you want or what is out there, you’ve come to the right place!  We will provide you with some outdoor walkway lighting ideas to help you decide how best to light up the walkways around your home.

Solar Outdoor Walkway Lighting

One popular option to consider is outdoor solar walkway lighting.  Solar lights are an attractive option, not only because they conserve energy, but also because they’re easy to install.  With no electrical wires to run, solar outdoor walkway lights can be placed anywhere you desire with minimal installation needs.  The only requirement is that the lights get enough daytime sunlight in order to operate effectively at night.

You can buy best outdoor solar walkway lights that come with stakes which are installed in the ground along the sides of the walkway.  If your walkway runs alongside a wall or fence, you can install wall mounted solar walkway lights to brighten up the path from above.  Another option is to install outdoor solar walkway lights or pathway lights right within the walkway.  These are square, rectangular or circular lights that can be placed into the walkway itself to light up the way.  They require no wiring since they are solar and can easily be put in place during the initial installation of the walkway.  If you have a walkway made from pavers or bricks, you can also remove some of the pavers or bricks to replace them with solar walkway lights of the same size at a later time.

Low Voltage Outdoor Walkway Lighting

If solar is not your thing, you may prefer to install low voltage outdoor walkway lighting.  Unlike solar lighting, low voltage outdoor walkway lights will require the installation of wiring, but since the lines are low voltage, they can be easily installed by do-it-yourselfers.  This can save you a big expense over having to hire an electrician.  Low voltage outdoor walkway lights are most often placed along the sides of a walkway to light up the edges of the path.  They usually come in kits with a specific number of lights and a transformer that connects all of the lights.  Low voltage outdoor walkway light kits usually come in sets of four, six or eight lights, although you can even find some sets that come with as many as ten to twelve lights or more in the kit.  Most outdoor low voltage walkway lights come with LED bulbs and are suitable for installation in wet locations.

Outdoor Walkway Lighting Styles

When it comes to lighting up the walkways and pathways around your home, you have a number of styles to choose from.  First you need to decide if you want outdoor walkway lights that are placed alongside the walkway, above the walkway on an adjacent wall, post or fence, or within the walkway itself.  Then you have to decide if you want the lights to be operated by solar power, low voltage wiring or regular electrical current (if opting for the latter, a licensed electrician should be called in to do the job).  Finally, you have to select the style of outdoor walkway lighting that you want.

You can find outdoor walkway light styles to suit just about any type of exterior home décor.  Most of the style options will come in the form of post or lantern lights that are installed along the outside edges of the walkway.  These lights are available in copper, brass, bronze, brushed nickel and other metals.  They can be sleek and contemporary or can evoke a feeling of wandering in a country meadow or a large Southern estate.  You can find outdoor walkway lighting that is casual and beachy or formal and grand.  And you can find a variety of outdoor walkway lights that will coordinate well with other types of outdoor lighting so that the lights along your pathway go well with the rest of your outside lighting décor.

Lighting Up Outdoor Walkway Lighting

Just as there are many types of outdoor walkway lights, there are also a number of ways to make sure that they turn on when the sun goes down.  How you choose to turn on your outdoor walkway lights will depend in part on the type of lights you buy and how much you want them to stay on.  If you install solar outdoor walkway lights, most have a sensor that will turn the lights on automatically when the sun goes down or the light level is too low.  Low voltage outdoor walkway lights will often have a timer build into the transformer so that you can set the lights to go on and off at a specific time of day or night.  You can also get motion sensor outdoor walkway lighting that will go on only when motion is detected nearby.  These lights will not remain on all night long, but will provide a more safely lit passage when someone is walking by.  Of course, you can also always opt to just flip a switch on and off when you want to turn your outdoor walkway lights on and off!


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